12 Days of Christmas Fitness: Day 6


If you have been or are currently following a workout plan, stick with it! Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, and it can be difficult to find time to do everything and work out too, but making fitness a priority will keep you on track throughout the holiday season and prevent unwanted weight gain. If you find your days are getting too busy, try fitting in your workout first thing in the morning, that way it is done for the day and you will have the rest of the day to do the things you need to get done before Christmas. If you are looking for a program to follow, check out my 12 Week Bikini Body Workout Plan here.


The Workout: This workout can either be performed as single sets or as a circuit workout.
Circuit: Perform each exercise once before moving on to the next. Once you have completed the circuit, rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat 2-3 more times.
Single sets: Perform all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. Rest for 60-90 seconds between sets. Please also note that I have added supersets to some exercises.

1. Front Squats 4×12
2. Bulgarian Split Squats 3×12
3. Walking Lunges 3×20
Jumping Lunges 3×10
4. Leg Extension 4×12
5. Leg Abduction 3×15
6. Standing Calf Raises 4×30

Always remember to warm up and cool down before and after exercise to help avoid injury.


recipe 2


gift supplements
Today’s vast array of health and fitness supplements can be mind numbing to navigate, and deciding what type of supplement is an appropriate gift can be even harder. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with protein powder or fat burners (depending on the persons interests). Some popular ones are Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder and Optimum Nutrition Casein, these are perfect for someone who lifts weights regularly. For those who are looking to burn fat, Dfine8 is one of the most popular ones on the market today. For more supplement options, check out my post about them here.

Musclewerks-D-Fine-8 fitness gift supplement
Whey Protein Powder, $15-$110, Optimum Nutrition USA / Bodyworkshop Australia
Casein Protein Powder, $59-$99, Optimum Nutrition USA
Dfine8 Fat Burner, $54.99, Musclewerks USA / Nutrition Warehouse Australia

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