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Home Workouts Full Body Fat Burning Circuit Training Workout 1

fat burning circuit training workout

This fast paced high calorie burn circuit training workout takes roughly 60 minutes to complete. Perform each exercise in the circuit once. When you have finished the circuit, repeat two more times before moving on to the next. Remember to warm up for at least 5 minutes before starting this workout. Perform this workout 3x per week on alternate days.

Barbell or Dumbell Squat 12-15 reps heavy
No weight walking lunges 16-20 reps
Dumbbell plank row 12-15 reps
Dumbbell chest press with knees up at 90 degrees 12-15 reps
Side plank 10-12 reps
Repeat 2x

Stiff leg deadlift 12-15 reps heavy
Lat pull down 12-15 reps
Squat hold with cable or resistance band row 12-15 reps
Sit ups 20 reps
Repeat 2x

Sled or tyre push
Overhead press 12-15 reps
Sled or tyre pull
Sit up twist with opposite arm to knee 20 reps
Repeat 2x

Hip thrust 12-15 reps heavy
Dumbbell biceps curl 12-15 reps
Triceps cable push down 12-15 reps
Plank twist
Repeat 2x

Cool down, stretch and foam roll

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