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How to get Started and Stay Motivated Commitment Health Fitness

Commit to 12 weeks
The first big step in making a lifestyle change is making the commitment. You owe it to yourself and to your family to live a healthy lifestyle. Why is it that so many people fail to make the commitment? It can be a range of things; not knowing where to start, fear of change, lack of support, lack of motivation, not having the time or energy.. the list goes on.

Stop making excuses. Stop saying ‘tomorrow’. Stop quitting. You owe yourself that much. Take the step and make a conscious decision to commit to just 12 weeks of clean eating (or other healthy nutrition lifestyle whether that is paleo, vegetarian, vegan etc) and exercise and I promise you by the time 12 weeks are up you will feel so good, so healthy and so happy that you won’t want to quit. You may be thinking why 12 weeks? I say 12 weeks because that is how long it takes to see remarkable changes in your physique and your lifestyle; after 12 weeks it will all feel like second nature to you, you will do it without thinking about it. It will become a habit. Make the change now. Not tomorrow, not on Monday – now. Commit to the next 12 weeks. Mark it on your calendar. Make the commitment.

Download Workout and Nutrition Plans
There are a ton of free workout and nutrition plans available to you for FREE on the internet. Find one that best resembles you and your tastes. Below I have listed links to websites that offer free plans.

Workout plans
Fitness RX
Bodyrock TV
Bikini Body Workout Plan

Meal Plans
Clean Eating: 14 day meal plan, 10 different meal plans
Paleo: Paleo meal planning, 7 day paleo meal plan
Vegan: Vegan meal planning, Vegan challenge
Vegetarian: 28 day meal plan, family meal plan

Change it up
At some point in your weight loss journey you will eventually get bored doing the same routine and will hit the dreaded plateau. You have been eating well, exercising and losing weight, then all of a sudden you hit a wall. Don’t give up! It is just a sign that your body has adapted and needs to be challenged again. If you have been doing long cardio sessions, try HIIT, change up your weights, have a reefed meal, try calorie cycling – just change it up. Your body will eventually catch on and you will start seeing results again.

Get Instagram
Oh how I love Instagram. Instagram is such a big motivator; if you don’t have it – you should definitely get it! There are so many Instagram accounts dedicated to weight loss, personal journeys, nutrition, healthy meal ideas, bodybuilding, paleo, crossfit – the list goes on. It is daily motivation right in the palm of your hand. You can search through hashtags to find your interests (#clean eating, #weightloss #paleo #transformationtuesday) this is a great way to find and follow accounts that motivate you.

Health reasons
This is so important. Do not make your lifestyle change only about your appearance. This will set you up for failure. You need to find other reasons WHY you want to make a lifestyle change. I chose to mention health as a major motivator, because I find it is something that helps make the lifestyle change easier. I cannot stress enough how important your health is, not just for you, but for your family as well. Do you want to lower your cholesterol, improve your energy, clear up your skin, prevent cancer, heart disease or diabetes? Think about and write down the health benefits of changing your lifestyle. How will changing your lifestyle improve YOUR health?

If you are stuck on health motivators I highly recommend watching some documentaries on nutrition. A few that have made a huge impact on mine and my family’s health are:
Forks over Knives
Food Matters
Food Inc.
Hungry for Change
*these documentaries can be found online for free by searching ‘watch _________ online’.

Find a buddy
Is lack of support a big reason why you can’t get or stay motivated to lose weight? Finding a buddy (whether online or in person) to talk to or share your journey with can make a huge difference. Having someone to hold you accountable each week can be a big motivator. If you cannot find someone to share your journey with you, there are plenty of people online looking for buddies on sites like myfitnesspal and sparkpeople. Even if your family or significant other isn’t on the same path as you, make sure to talk about it, give it time, compromise and find something active that you enjoy doing together. Change will happen.

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