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Home IIFYM/Reverse Dieting Personalised Reverse Dieting Plans Now Available!


My personalised reverse dieting plan is suitable for those that have been dieting for a long time, eating low calories and seeing little or no results. Click here to read more about reverse dieting and whether or not it is suitable for you. If you are starving yourself and not losing any weight, then reverse dieting is most probably for you!

Do I need to reverse diet?

I recommend a reverse dieting plan for anyone that fits any of the following criteria:
• Been restricting calories for an extended amount of time.
• Eating low amounts of calories without any weight or fat loss.
• Bikini competitors post competition.
• Women with hormonal problems associated to severe caloric restriction.
• Anyone who binges frequently and has a very poor relationship with food.

Why buy a plan?

My personalised macro plans are specifically developed to YOUR needs and body. Each plan is carefully calculated for you based on your current lifestyle taking any guess work out. Your plan is put together by taking into account the following information supplied by you:

• Height
• Current Weight
• Goal Weight
• Age
• Previous and Current Dietary Habits
• Activity Level
• Your Fitness & Weight Goals
and more!

Rest assured that your plan has been completely customised to suit your needs and goals and not someone elses! View a sample of the plan here.






How long will it take to get my package?
You will receive your plan via email within 2 business days. The files will be sent as PDF documents.

If I have questions along the way will you help me?
Absolutely! You will receive unlimited email support throughout your reverse diet and beyond. I am only an email away!

I think I need reverse dieting but I’m not sure, what should I do?
Please email me at with information about your past dieting history and the amount of calories you have been eating recently. Include whether or not you have been losing weight recently also. I will determine the best solution for you. Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


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